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The Ug-value (formerly k-value) is calculated according to standard EN 673. AGC Automotive multifunctional windshields: the road ahead is clear! Its industrial facilities comprise float glass lines, automotive glass processing centres and more . Our baseline is Glass Unlimited​ : Unlimited in the infinite potential of glass, in the innovative power of the AGC Group, in our extensive commercial and production network, in the commitment of our 10employees.

AGC Glass Europe currently employs some 15people.

Ces critères sont évalués conformément aux normes européennes. Le Glass Identity donne également accès à toutes ces informations, le. UN VITRAGE , UNE IDENTITE.

The AGC Group creates new value in the fields of glass, electronics, chemicals and ceramics. Diagrams for illustration purposes only. For full glazing details please refer to the relevant test report.

AGC Verres industriels fabrique et commercialise depuis la Suisse, une large gamme de vitrages destinés aux marchés internationaux de la construction et des transports. Its baseline, Glass Unlimite reflects its core assets: innovative strength in advanced glass technologies, a global sales network and an industrial presence stretching from Spain to Russia.

AGC Flat Glass North America, Inc. It offers a range of flat. Illinois at Springfiel 7(4): 12. AGC YourGlass – Ebook download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read book online.

Solar factor – g ( ), 8 88. Shading coefficient – SC, 1. Energy Reflection – ρe ( ), 8. UV Transmission – UV ( ), 70. Il coefficiente Ug (in precedenza detto valore k) è calcolato in base alla norma EN 673. Formation of silver nanoclusters in transparent polyimides by Ag-K ionexchange process. Processing Guide to help processors correctly process Matelux.

Can be used in all sorts of architectural projects. Acid-etched glass with a homogeneous grain and finish. Industrial acid-etching process with rigorous quality control. AgC glass Europe, a leader in flat glass.

YORTEL glass distribution and architectural glass company located in Istanbul and in Izmir , Turkey.

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