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Tarptent , Nevada City, CA. The durable shelters take the challenge to perform in any terrain. This spring was a chance to get out once again and re-evaluate the Double Rainbow head-to-head with its backpacking tent competitors. This is a video review of the Double Rainbow tent from TarpTent.

I purchased the tent with my own funds and.

A tarp tent is a tarpaulin, a plastic or nylon sheet, used in place of a tent. It is usually rigged with poles, tent pegs, and guy lines. Ultralight backpackers use tarp tents because they are lightweight compared to other backpacking shelters. In its simplest form it is floorless with open ends, as a fly or with the sides attached to the . Reflective guy-lines enable taut, adjustable . After a rough night in July, I decided to get a tent.

The TarpTent Contrail is a good single-wall shelter that provides rain and bug protection.

Very lightweight and roomy for one person. But this sub-two-pound tent is almost $1cheaper than some competitors, and still delivers top-notch performance. Livability is excellent, setup is simple, and it stood strong in 40-mph gusts above Winter Park, Colorado,” reports our thru- hiking tester, . The Double Rainbow fits two adults very comfortably, and has . The DD SuperLight Tarp Tent is a great solution while travelling light or for minimal backpacking.

The whole thing weighs only 710g . We design US Made, lightweight, innovative shelters that allow you to Sleep Anywhere. Both tents are floor-less,. The Scarp features a robust 9mm arch pole and a dramatically . Gram for gram, the Double Rainbow is an amazing tent with just about the right balance of weight and liveability. Find out how it held up to the Australian bush. My question here is, for those of you who own one, is the Double Rainbow a good tent for Isle Royale conditions?

This shelter has an awful lot going for it. What follows are some more long-term reflections. In no short measure the weight saving here is due to the .

European dealer based in Sweden. Summary All lightweight tents are compromised in some way, most commonly space. The Stratospire takes a different tact by offering perhaps the most space of any lightweight person shelter and instead saving weight with a trekking pole based structure and creative shape.

The result is a spacious tent . From the numerous reviews I have rea it would appear that this tent will require Seam Sealing upon arrival. Rather than try and make my own solution, is there a tried and tested solution ready to buy off the .

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