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Its panels are composed of pieces of natural stone mounted on a cement base, and reinforced with fiberglass mesh to avoid the risk of them becoming detached. Multicolor quartzite with brown and grey tones. Sober and rustic, it brings great warmth and timelessness to any wall or facade.

ASK FOR MORE INFORMATION Download catalog . Here are the best projects using our . Paneles de piedra natural para revestimiento de todo tipo de fachadas y paredes interiores y exteriores.

STONEPANEL , el único certificado para exteriores. Stonepanel Jet Noire Lames Fines. V naší nabídce naleznete kamenné obklady a kamennou dlažbu, vše samozřejmě pouze z přírodního kamene. All content is free to access and use in your architectural and construction projects.

These panels perfectly recreate the look of natural stone. Each panel covers approximately sq. These faux stone panels fit together nearly . This easy-to-use system eliminates the need for a qualified stonemason and allows for fast and easy construction whatever the project.

Cast stone and black marble on wooden base. Combing the aerospace technology of aluminum honeycomb . Türkiye, İstanbul, Sancaktepe, Fatih Mh. In the second row, the location of the joints should be alternated with respect to the first row in order to make the joints less visible. This al- ternation of pieces should continue in the rest of the rows.

Contemporary and refine stone panels blend glass, porcelain and quartz for unparalleled durability and sophistication. Unlike raw stone, these ultra-compact, synthesized panels provide virtually zero porosity and no micro-defects that would cause weak spots. Installed in back-ventilated rain screen technology, stone. Learn more at Sweets today. The panels should be set . If close correlation between these test methods is not proven, then.

Visit your local store for the widest range of garden products. It is recommended that the cut edges of the stone panel be eased slightly to facilitate handling and reduce potential for chipping during installation. However, he chemical and physical benefits that the granite did not, as a greater density, texture, durability against the high pressures and shocks, and even collapsible.

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