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Sikkens cetol HLS Plus is a low build satin basecoat and wood stain for most exterior woods. A high quality, exterior low build base coat and wood stain. Resists UV light, moul algae, peeling and cracking. Low buil solvent based coating for brush application.

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Translucent, semi-gloss finish for use on cladding, decking and garden furniture. FREE next day delivery available, free collection in minutes. Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders. It is flexible preventing cracking and peeling. High UV resistance against light damage helps to maintain the integrity of the surface.

Application is by brush with . ГРУНТ CETOL HLS – SIKKENS.

Transparent, satin, low-build woodstain based on oil-alkyd resins for exterior use. Micro-porous, allows timber to breathe. Wood grain remains visible. Excellent penetration and adhesion.

La structure du bois reste visible et est même accentuée pour certaines essences de bois. Régulation hygrométrique. Bonne résistance aux rayons-UV. Its woodstain like qualities ensure timber grain remains highly visible. Available in a range of transparent colours.

Use: Suitable for most types of timber. Cetol HLSe is microporous allowing the timber to breathe. A low buil solvent-borne, semi-gloss woodstain.

Can be used both as a base stain and as a finishing coat. Transparente, seidenglänzende Grund-, Zwischen- und Schlussbeschichtung für nicht maßhaltige und begrenzt maßhaltige Bauteile. Geeignet auch als Grundbeschichtung für maßhaltige Bauteile im Außenbereich.

Zum Schutz und zur Gestaltung von Holz und Holzbauteilen im Außenbereich.

Die Anwendung erfolgt für nicht maßhaltige und begrenzt maßhaltige Holzbauteile im Mehrschichtaufbau (z.B. Verbretterungen, Verschalungen, Fachwerk, Pergolen usw.). Sikkens HLS is part of a microporous paint system specially designed for exterior timber. Zijdeglanzende, niet filmvormende transparante beits voor buiten op basis van alkydhars.

Altijd productinformatie bij de hand? Also used solely as a three coat system for decks and outdoor furniture. Volver a la página de Productos.

Regula la humedad de la madera sobre la que se aplica. Torna alla pagina dei prodotti. Consigliato su legni di conifere. Privo di solventi aromatici. Buona resistenza agli agenti atmosferici ed ai .

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