Sikkens cetol filter 7 plus

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It remains flexible as timber moves and provides extra protection for timber exposed to maximum weathering. Cetol Filter plus is a medium build transparent satin top coat with added UV filters. Microporous allowing the timber to . Translucent satin durable.

Its high transparency ensures . Finitura trasparente satinata per legno, ad altissima resistenza ai raggi UV.

Applicabile su manufatti in legni dimensionalmente stabili. Privo di solventi aromatici. Ottima resistenza agli agenti atmosferici. SCHEDA TECNICA (PDF) SCHEDA DATI DI SICUREZZA (PDF).

A translucent, solvent-borne, exterior satin wood stain with excellent durability. Resistant to weathering and UV damage. It is microporous and flexible with high levels of UV and weather resistance.

Ideal for use on doors, windows and joinery.

Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders. Maximum durability, film forming, transparent, satin woodcare product based on alkyd resins with added UV filters for exterior use. Easy to apply by brush, 3-coat, pot system. CETOL FILTER PLUS – SIKKENS.

It has maximum durability and is highly resistant to UV light especially on surfaces of high exp. Bevat een ingebouwde UV- filter. Zeer goed bestand tegen UV-straling, waardoor een permanente elasticiteit is gewaarborgd. In hoge mate transparant, waardoor de . Delivery and collection is available nationwide to all customers. too to order at great trade prices. A highly durable, medium buil solvent-borne woodstain that provides a highly translucent, satin finish and offers outstanding protection from the damaging effects of sunlight.

Shop with confidence on eBay! Seidenglänzende Dickschichtlasur (Long-Life-Lasur) für außen. Lasur für maßhaltige Holzbauteile.

Durch die neue Advanced Filter Technology erzielt die lösemittelhaltige Dickschichtlasur . Lasure transparente à base de résines alkydes. Très bonne tension du film. Excellente tenue dans le temps.

Longue durabilité aux intempéries et bon pouvoir garnissant. We stock a great range of products at everyday prices. Clubcard points on every order. It can be used as a one- coat maintenance application for existing woodstain systems, or two coats over a base stain of Cetol HLS on new or bare timbers.

Note: It is not suitable for decking or . An exterior woodstain for windows and doors. Need help or advice with this product? Besonders hochwertige, seidenglänzende Dickschichtlasur (Long-Life-Lasur) für außen.

Das Produkt besitzt eine extrem hohe UV-Beständigkeit und Absorptionsfähigkeit durch die Advanced Filter.

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