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The extra-thick, pre-attached moisture barrier helps protect floor from moisture damage. This underlay is non-allergenic for a more comfortable home and is resistant to moul mildew and bacteria growth. Easy to install with attached overlapping lip and tape and safe for underfloor heating, this underlay meets Quickstep. Will you install your floor in a room with low traffic, like your bedroom? Or will it have to withstand intense traffic, like in a kitchen for instance?

With this underlay, your laminate floor minimises hollow noises.

You can hear your floor emanating the sound of natural hardwood almost, with this underlay. Noise reduction is so superior that people living downstairs below your floor will not be . Description: Sound absorbing underlay in combination with a built in DPM which helps reduce sound within the room. The use of the Uniclic underlay is imposed by the Uniclic warranty. A Quickstep underlay comes with a self-adhesive strip and an integrated damp proof membrane that protects.

Drum sound is what you hear when you walk across your floor. Ideal for living rooms or office spaces . This sound absorbing underlay is 2mm thick and has been designed to minimise the drum sound (the sound of footsteps). Quick-Step UniSound Premium Flooring Underlayment 2mm – 100n sq.

Pagamintas iš tankaus polietileno. Our premium solution offers unbeatable soun an extra-thick moisture barrier and a self-levelling effect. Its the best at reducing hollow tapping noises, producing a sound that is very close to actual hardwood – and transmits less sound to adjacent rooms and rooms below. Dit geluid wordt in grote. Suitable for underfloor heating.

It offers high-quality permanent sound absorption. Transmission sound reduction: ΔLW=19dB. Hierdoor lijkt het alsof je op een . Profiteer nu van de ondervloer aanbieding. Ce bruit est largement absorbé par la structure cellulaire fermée de cette sous-couche polyéthylène spécialement traitée. QUICKSTEP LIVYN UNDERLAY 15m2.

QUICKSTEP SILENT WALK UNDERLAY 7m2. Unisound a un effet de absorption .

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