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FeaturesLaminated fire-resistant glassAdvantagesIn case of fire, Pyrobel – Pyrobelite laminated fire-resistant glass comprising clear Planibel glass and transparent intumescent interlayers transform into opaque screens that keep out flames and reduce or arrest heat transmission. Thermobel is available in a fire-resistant version by assembling it with Pyrobel – Pyrobelite laminated fire-resistant glazing. In case of fire, the interlayers in the Pyrobel – Pyrobelite assembly expand and transform into a rigi opaque and heat -absorbing fire shield.

This product ensures that people and property are protected by . Pyrobel Pyrobel 469 and 1is laminated fire resistant glass manufactured by AGC, and fabricated by GGI.

Advanced interlayer technology eliminate. Rated EW and EW 6 EI 1 EI 3 EI 4 EI 6. Approved in wooden, steel and aluminium framing systems. Available as single internal glazing, single external glazing with an UV filter (EG type) and . Fire-resistant glass in XXL format: get to know Pyrobel -T.

This glazing is available in very large sizes, even 2m wide and 4. Pyrobel -T meets all requirements for injury and breakdown safety at level differences and in facades. At a temperature above 1° C the intermediate layers foam.

This characteristic reduces the heat transfer through the glazing and ensures a safe and panic free evacuation of the building. Pyrobel is composed of float glass and intumescent interlayers. When subjected to fire, it creates a barrier which prevents the passage of heat or smoke as well as hot gases.

Fire rated for minutes with hose stream. Intumescent interlayers expand offering maximum protection for egress and property protection. Temperature rise is limited to 250°F above ambient. Meets or exceeds standard wall test standards for.

Fire regulations are specified by several natio- nal and international standards. Building regulations, By-laws and Codes describe the specific level of fire protection required (criteria, period of time). Pyrobel glass is only a part of a complete fire resistant system. It is the responsability of the users to ensure that the fire . Pyrobel multi-laminated glass is assembled with clear intumenscent interlayers. These have been the market leaders for many years and their unique structure allows them to achieve larger pane sizes than many other comparable products.

PYROBELITE AND PYROBEL FIRE RESISTING GLASS. Glass for use specific areas requiring a condition of fire protection. Available transparent, colored or screen printed to satisfy any aesthetic requi.

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