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Humidity-variable vapour retarder and airtight membranes. The high-performance system from pro clima for maximum reliability – even on structures with demanding engineering conditions. Can be used as a vapour check and airtightness membranes for all externally diffusion-open structures, e. SOLITEX), softwood fibreboard or MDF board. For a high level of protection against moisture induced failures in structurally challanging constructions such as diffusion-resistant .

Das pro clima Hochleistungs-System für maximale Sicherheit – auch in bauphysikalisch anspruchsvollen Konstruktionen. Dovrebbero essere posati ben tirati e senza flessione in senso trasversale e longitudinale rispetto alla struttura portante, per es. Nel caso di posa orizzontale (trasversale alla struttura portante), il passo della . More importantly it gives structural systems a previously unachievable degree of protection from structural damage ( from condensation), even under extreme climatic conditions, due to its intelligent. Intelligent vapour check and airtight membrane from Pro Clima. Intello Plus features humidity-variable diffusion resistance.

It thereby gives maximum protection. Luchtdichte damprem, de beste bescherming tegen vochtbelasting en luchtstroming.

Deze promotie actie is enkel van toepassing op zelfbouwers die lid zijn van Natuurpunt, Milieufront Omer Wattez (MOW) of het Gents Milieufront (GMF) tijdens de actieperiode, en is niet . A transverse batten should be placed on the inside at a spacing of at most 50cm to take the weight of the insulating material. The pro clima airtightness system prevents uncontrolled air infiltration or leakage through the building envelope, and assists the drying capacity of the building through its unique moisture control properties. INTELLO PLUS is a high performance . Excellent vapour blocking and airtight foil with reinforcement offering a maximum protection by an exceptional big moisture variable sd-value, that works in every climate range.

Manufacturer: pro clima MOLL bauökologische Produkte GmbH. Type: Surface Air Sealing. Lothar Moll, Director of Pro Clima Australia Pty Ltd and Pro Clima Germany, is a world leading building physicist and expert on airtightness systems. They can be laid flat either at right angles to or along the sub-structure (such as the rafters) without sagging.

Dampfbremse mit feuchtevariablem sd-Wert. If laid horizontally ( at right angles to the sub-structure) then the maximum space permitted between the . Watch pro clima intello plus video at essex. Blower Door – measuring building performance.

Measurements are performed in pressurised or depressurised buildings, where climatic or other external inuences are minimized due to the high pressure dier- ence created by . Maintain the same indoor temperature …. Airtight building insulation ensures that warmth is kept in the house, rather than being wasted by escaping into the atmosphere.

Prices in AUD and exclude GST. All previous price lists are invalid. Terms and conditions apply. For volume discounts please refer to your pro clima discount structure.

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