Metal studs

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Find quality metal studs online or in store. ClarkDietrich Cold-Formed Steel C- Studs General Cold-Formed Steel Framing FAQs General Steel Home Construction FAQs. Learn more about metal stud framing.

Whether you choose wood studs or metal studs , each type comes with some pros and cons. Here is a comprehensive analysis when finishing your basement.

A comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of framing with metal studs versus woo plus some basic tips for working with metal framing. We build a metal stud wall using a steel frame, plasterboard and insulation. This wall system is a brilliant way.

Is it easier and cheaper to build an interior wall from steel rather than wood studs ? Sure, they are cheaper but not always easier. Online Price More Information. After Mail-In Rebate More Information.

When choosing a supplier, quality materials are a top priority. Steel framing is used in most office and commercial construction, and it has several advantages over wood. Same as drywall studs with no lip on the flanges – flange depth of 1″ or ¼”.

Definition: A roll formed channel type steel component used for various framing systems, often in lieu of wood studs. Finish: Ggalvanized (Gand Gare available upon request), Galvalume, painted . Find the right Steel Studs and Accessories to help your home improvement project. Steel studs serve as a general all purpose framing component used in a variety of non load bearing applications.

Easily filter to a certain grade, surface, or edge. We also offer primed pine along with our unfinished pine boards. If you can hang drywall on wooden studs, you can do the same on metal ones, but put away your drywall hammer. Self-tapping drywall screws easily penetrate the studs to hold drywall securely, but you have to . Contact your nearest Knez Inc. Building Materials Supplier to get started.

Your one-stop shop for steel studs , gypsum boar drywall screws, and all-things drywall construction. Rondo Steel Stud and Track Wall Framing System for internal plasterboard walls. Suitable for acoustic, seismic, external and fire-rated walls by design.

On top of that, while wood warps, twists, expands and contracts in the warm, humid months of the year, or in the presence of heavy rainfall and humidity, steel always remains straight, stable and strong. Steel studs also weigh less than traditional wood studs and their strength-to-mass ratio is far greater than that of wood. There are many reasons to use metal studs for framing a structure.

They come in all the typical sizes. Steel studs boast a lot of advantages over their wooden counterparts, but they are weighed down with some downsides. Some contractors advise against hanging very heavy . Phillips conventional metal studs are “C” shaped metal studs fabricated from galvanized steel. Standard lengths are 10′, 12′ and 14′. Other lengths available upon request.

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