Mac fix spray

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This is the best multi use product to ever hit the market! Finishing spray , setting spray , makes applying product for brows easier, refreshes skin, etc. Product Purchase: MAC Store.

So often I see this product being use and mistaken, as a setting spray. They set your makeup, a bit like a hairspray for your face.

FYI per-LEASE do not use actual hairspray on . For years people have talked about this stuff like it is the most miraculous product ever, the end all setting spray , the best on earth, one of a kin a miracle worker…. A lightweight, mineral rich finishing mist that refreshes the skin and finishes make up. Helps create an even surface for a smooth make up application.

I prep my skin before make up with it. I used it during day to refresh my make up. I spritz some on a beauty blender or sponge.

Brilliant Service as always. Love Brown thomas they always are so helpful and very fast with delivery, they have superb deals and can always find what im looking for and some extras too lol. What it does: It refreshes the skin and finishes makeup while helping to create an even surface for smooth makeup application.

How to use: Mist onto freshly washed skin to hydrate before . The setting spray can be misted on before foundation as a primer or after to lock it in place. You can spritz your brushes with it before applying shimmery eye . En bubblande vattendos av vitaminer och mineraler, fylld av lugnande ingredienser som grönt te och gurka som toppas med den fräscha naturliga och energigivande doften av Sugi. Huden strålar under makeupen. I love this finishing spray I have bought it times already.

This really sets my makeup and it makes me look better when I take pictures be it selfies or group pictures. I have tried a few other sprays but this one is by far the best one. The bottle lasts a long time too. When ever I do someones makeup and I spray this on them . Hold the bottle inches away from face and spray evening onto freshly washed skin to hydrate before applying moisturizer.

Hold bottle inches away from face and spray evenly.

Free Delivery on orders over £50. I actually enjoyed using it and i will purchase it again.

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