Intello plus

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More importantly it gives structural systems a previously unachievable degree of protection from structural damage ( from condensation), even under extreme climatic conditions, due to its intelligent. In the winter it has a higher diffusion resistance which means greater protection against . It thereby gives maximum protection. The pro clima airtightness system prevents uncontrolled air infiltration or leakage through the building envelope, and assists the drying capacity of the building through its unique moisture control properties.


Intelligent vapour check and airtight membrane from Pro Clima. Outstanding protection against structural . Pro Clima airtightness interior membranes for internal walls, roofs and floors. Intello Plus features humidity-variable diffusion resistance.

Temperature Resistance: -40°C to 80°C. It is translucent, easy to install, fully recyclable. It offers the ideal solution to structures that are difficult to protect against condensation e. What are the differences between SIGA and Intello?

A comparison of vapor control layers. Colour white-transparent. View our full range of Airtightness Products available for a quote online today. It gives maximum protection to thermal insulation where moisture entry may have occurred. This may be through leaks, damp building materials or diffusion through adjoining structural surfaces.

Pour murs, plafonds, sols et sous-toitures. Smart vapor control, Interior airtightness, and dense-pack reinforcement all in one. Se toimii tiiviinä kosteussulkuna talvella, mutta päästää kesällä höyrynsulun pintaan tiivistyvän kosteuden lävitseen sisätiloihin. Kosteutta ohjaavan höyrynsulkukankaan . Watch pro clima intello plus video at essex. Guaina freno al vapore ad alta prestazione con armatura per tutti i materiali coibenti fibrosi.

Adatta in combinazione con tutti i materiali coibenti fibrosi. Manufacturer: pro clima MOLL bauökologische Produkte GmbH. Type: Surface Air Sealing.

Description: System for surface . Contact the manufacturer directly to receive a quote. Water vapour resistance factor µ. Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders.

Excellent vapour blocking and airtight foil with reinforcement offering a maximum protection by an exceptional big moisture variable sd-value, that works in every climate range. Useful with all outside diffusion open constructions like with shelter foils (pro clima SOLITEX) or soft board and .

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