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Tiles for achitecture and eco-friendly constructions. Pavimenti per interni e pavimenti per esterni. Piastrelle in gres porcellanato, ispirate a legni, pietra ricostruita e materiali naturali.

Advanced technology applied . Floor Gres , ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware slabs.

Soft: 12x(11×22), 24x(2x 22), 24x( 2x 44), 32x(3×3) and 2xsheet mosaics. SOURCED FROM NATURE USING TECHNOLOGY TO . Floorgres Industrial – With a new interpretation of a concrete look, the Industrial series offers a modern and simple representation of architecture in its purest form. The neutral six-color palette allows spaces to be conceived with a brand new vision.

The subtle variation and texture add depth and sophistication to this . An essential but sophisticated style”. Buildtech interprets an essential but sophisticated style.

This collection is emphasised by the possibility of multiple combinations between different effects and three different surfaces of;polishe matte and anti-slip. The endless and logical research, has enabled . Different materials and surfaces that guarantee long-lasting and high technical performances. See what people are saying and join the conversation.

This system ensures the color compatibility between materials belonging to different collections. EU Ecolabel Products: Hard coverings – Serie Stontech Slim (Non smaltate) – Floor gres : Stonbrown 3. FLOOR GRES : Organizer Piscine. The Floortech series has a soft, smooth surface with minimal variation – perfect for both contemporary and traditional spaces. This series is currently only available in our Colorado and Nevada locations.

FCML supplies Floorgres surfaces in India. Questo sistema garantisce la compatibilità cromatica tra . Continual and coherent research has enabled an intuitive approach to be develope comprising interest and curiosity towards possible modes of living. It interprets an essential but . REX CERAMICHE ARTISTICHE, CASA DOLCE CASA, CERIM, CASAMOOD).

Courier delivery of samples. Sizes Available: 8″ x 48″ Colors: Ash Nat, Chalk Nat, Greige Nat, Tan Nat DOWNLOAD PDF.

Gres Greentech Ash Nat Gres Greentech Chalk Nat.

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