Emergency blanket

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Models To Suit All Needs. Blankets to Bags to Ponchos. With a lightweight blanket , a heavier thermal blanket , a poncho and a bag on offering, there is a style of emergency cover for every need. All feature aluminzed poly to reflect back and hold body heat which is critical in the prevention of hypothermia.

In their principal usage, space blankets are included in many emergency , first aid , and survival kits because they are usually waterproof and windproof. That, along with their low weight and ability to pack into a small space, has made them popular among outdoor enthusiasts and emergency workers.

This is the original emergency blanket , made of materials first developed for NASA. Available at REI, 1 Satisfaction Guaranteed. The silver metalized inner face reflects body heat back to the user.

It could be carried as a shelter component of the “survival essentials” that Search and Rescue organizations rec. It all starts with the material, vacuum-metalized polyethylene, that reflects of your body heat while also offering a number of other important features that set it apart fromĀ . Individually Folded and Sealed: x 3. A compact, lightweight blanket made from aluminize non-stretch polyester. Stays flexible in freezing temperatures.

Reflects body heat back to body.

Putting an emergency space blanket to the test on a summer night in the mountains. For this review I used a. Our emergency thermal blanket provides warmth and deflects heat in hot climate, providing compact emergency protection in all weather conditions. Reusable, waterproof and windproof, this compact emergency blanket can be used as emergency shelter. Provide warmth and comfort with emergency blankets from Grainger – choose from different materials including polyester, wool, fiberglass, and flame resistant synthetic fiber. Emergency blankets are a critical addition to your survival during times of uncertainty.

Here are creative survival blanket uses for you to try. Small, lightweight , and able to efficiently reflect body heat and wind. Made from metalised polyester film, this ultra-insulating material is coated on both sides with a heat-reflective metallic surface. It is ideal for treating or preventing hypothermia after first aid has been administered. The emergency foil blanket retains most radiated body heatĀ . Made from reflective foil this emergency blanket will prevent a large percentage of body heat loss when either trying to keep warm or keep injured person warm.

Those mylar emergency blankets you all love are crap. Use as an emergency sheet. This lightweight and compact blanket fits in any emergency kit or bug out bag.

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