Canadian slate

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Top quality natural roof slate from Canada. Approved for the Snowdonia National Park. Good match for Ffestiniog Welsh slate. Strong and consistent thickness.

These hardy roofing tiles are capable of withstanding severe Canada winters, so they easily cope with the worst of the British climate.

We have options galore here at Extons, our Glendyne natural slate looks especially . Glendyne slate will withstand the most severe weather conditions and is ideal for use on any project. We supply roofing materials . In the United Kingdom, they . Quarried in Canada the Glendyne Glacier slate is dark grey in colour with tones of blue. The Glendyne slate is highly resilient and its quality has been proven around the world.

We offer a wide range of high quality natural slates sourced from around the world.

It is also free from iron . Slate is extracted from fine clay mud that has accumulated at the bottom of primeval oceans. During the formation of mountain ranges, the pressure exerted crushed this clay layer, compacting it and making the rock less porous with a stronger cohesion. In Canada, conditions favourable to slate . Imported slate has been subject to bad press, but it can be a good purchase if researched thoroughly.

Chinese and Brazilian slate tends towards the lower end of the price scale. Unlike other slates that are formed naturally under 5million years of . Sourced from a 5million year old deposit in Quebec, these slates are available in beautiful tones of blue, and look gorgeous on any home. Leisteen Split leverbaar in Big Bag door heel Nederland voor scherpe prijzen. A strong, durable slate with excellent proven reliability and performance here in the UK and European markets for over years.

It naturally splits from the block to give a relatively flat smooth fine grain surface with slight longitudinal texture. Canadian slate is also a good alternative to Welsh slate. This shape gives the chippings a special appearance. When dry, the slate is anthracite in colour, and when wet it is almost black.

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