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Mega is the worlds biggest selling one-component waterborne timber floor finish. Bona Mega is versatile and ideal for wooden floors . The oxygen in the air is the crosslinker. No additives to mix, no limited pot life, and no wasted finish. Also available in semi- gloss or gloss.

It is specifically designed for heavy domestic use and lig.

How to PROPERLY apply Bona PRIMER and Bona MEGA. Primer for a light wood colouration. Produces a well-bodied surface thanks to its high solids content. Has low viscosity and forgiving application properties.

Standard application tools: Roller (Bona) Coverage: 50sqm. Single component means there is no mixing of a catalyst or hardener required. A waterborne, oil modified polyurethane hardwood floor varnish for interior use.

It is derived from pure natural vegetable oil. It enhances the natural colour of the wood has exceptional flow and levelling.

It is suitable for use in domestic or lightly trafficked domestic areas. It is an easy to apply single component floor lacquer, recommended for use in heavy traffic residential areas such as family rooms, kitchens, hallways and all homes with animals, children and heavy foot traffic! These new options allow the floor owner and contractor to meet various performance and . As crosslinking is achieved using the oxygen in the air, Mega has the performance of a two-component finish without requiring any mixing.

A new generation water based polyurethane, modified with natural vegetable oils using self-crosslinking technology to provide you with a one component system. Out of ten panels teste Mega proved best in terms of wear-through, scuff, scratch, chemical . But be careful: any time there is a pigment in a coat, you increase the possibility of lapping the edges. This product is more difficult to apply than . See my past reviews on Bona Traffic, and Bona Naturale. Is it worth the extra price? How much more durable is it?

For offices, small shops, hotel rooms and as a premium choice for homes. Innovative, waterborne, 1-component formula, that reacts with oxygen and performs like a 2- component. Also very good for plank floors and for floors with underfloor heating.

No mixing require use straight from the bottle. Search for: Recent Posts. The campaign focused on communicating the uniqueness of the formula, which combines the convenience of a . It uses self- crosslinking technology to produce a durable film suitable for protecting wooden floors .

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