Belgian blue stone

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Over the years it will acquire a beautiful patina. Its low porosity and hardness makes it a material which is particularly resistant to dirty marks and pollution. Belgian Blue Stone is a natural, living material.

Outdoors, it does not require any special maintenance. Indoors, there are some simple actions required so that your . For example churches and monestaries have used this stone for their floors for a very long time now.

See more ideas about Homes, Kitchens and Bathrooms. These reclaimed stone floor tiles have time-worn surfaces that result in a satin blue black patina that give a sense of history and grace to any room. Used as a building material for centuries due to their strength and durability, Belgian . Please Select Type: Field Tile. Add to Wishlist Contact us for availability. It is also beautifully used in combination with the limestone and the antique French oak flooring.

Our bluestone floors, surfaces and slabs from Belgium will not wear, and is known to have one of the hardest . This black limestone has a blue hint and is accented by small white specs that make for an interesting look. A durable natural stone for floor tiles, patio tiles and various customizations.

Grey-blue compact crinoid limestone. Sawn or hewn, the stone displays colour gradations that vary according to the dimensions of the crinoid remains and the volume of the binding agent. The stone contains white veins and fossils.

Interior Walls, Shower Floors, Shower Walls. Finish, Lappato Patinato, Edge, Straight Cut, Category, Limestone. Collection, Belgium Blue , Color, Black . This hard durable limestone has been one of the primary building stones in Belgium for hundreds of years.

It has a consistent dark surface with small white fossil across the surface. Discover Coticule, the yellow or blue garnet sharpening stone , a legendary, natural sharpening stone known since Roman times. The lappato patinato finish gives a rustic appearance to the beautiful bluish-black limestone. By way of definition, limestone is a sedimentary rock.

It is has historically been used in Europe and . The beautiful blue-greyish limestone with its characteristic fossils in different sizes and shapes and few white veins, give your interior . Take your time to view all the products in the category BELGIAN BLUESTONE. Nijst Natuursteen has images of every product. Tile Size: x Coverage: 4. In the wings , belgian blue stone. Broken dreams , belgian blue stone and acrylic paint.

In a nutshell , belgian blue stone.

The dark ground mass of this natural stone harbours fossils of sea lilies. Bluestone is a compact dark limestone. Previous Next See entire list. Inspirations which share the same products.

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