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Aluband Window Sealing System. As part of the system the Orange corner mouldings are used to provide . Fix the Thermakraft Corner Moulded Piece to the bottom corners by way of staples or clouts to the two jambs. Note the following: 150mm wide tape is used for.

Suitable for window and door installation and other wall penetrations, no mess, compatible with most sealants, installs in a wide range of temperatures.

The Corner Mould is made from inert polyethylene and is coloured orange. It is used in conjuction with the tape and the Wall Underlay. Excellent sealant compatibility. Thermakraft ALUBAND is a polymeric face modified bituminous self-adhesive tape with a release backing film.

ALUBAND can be used in buildings situated in non-cyclonic wind zones up to, and including N3. The system is used around framed joinery openings as a secondary weather barrier. Thermakraft Alu Band Window Sealing Tape is ideal for sealing head flashings to the building wrap or air barrier, as well as around meter boxes with built-in sealed flange.

This tape is aluminium-faced bituminous . Team Imagine have produced a sequel. ALU BAND is a single-sided acrylic tape specially developed for the hermetic sealing of aluminised vapour barriers, like the membranes of the BARRIER ALU series. AluBand Alumínio – rolos 10m. Aluminum tear-resistant single-sided adhesive tape. Additional protection against water running behind the waterproofing membrane.

Self-adhesive on one side, external. Be the first to review this product. Round shaped to adapt to the form of the support. Mounting Elements – Traffic Sign Fixation.

Ask a Question Download LIKE Share Follow . TOOLS, ACCESSORIES and CONSUMABLES. ALUBAND IS SELF-ADHESIVE FLASHING TAPE FOR SEALING AND STICKING OF SEAMS AND CHINKS IN ROOF GUTTERS, DRAIN -PIPES . La superficie a aplicar debe estar seca y limpia, las superficies porosas deben tratarse previamente con Imprimador. St This item has a batch size.

Your given quantity will be roudned up! Materiale constructii si amenajari – Anunturi gratuite – aluband. Descubra a melhor forma de comprar online. Jining Xunda Pipe Coating Materials Co. Roofing tape aluband wholesale, manufacturer and supplier.

Visit for more information on high quality China products. La elevada adherencia permite impermeabilizar y reparar sin el uso de soplete, lo que hace a este producto muy ventajoso.

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