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ACO is a worldwide leader in trench drainage solutions, we provide products and services to several water management industries. Our commitment to excellence offers customers the confidence that ACO products are rigorously tested and that its customer service will go beyond the expected to provide solutions to any . General purpose trench drain system available in 4” (1mm) – K10 8” (2mm) – K2and 12” (3mm) – K3internal width with either galvanized or stainless steel edge rail. All systems have 1ft (m) continuous slope.

Read technical details in our Drain Catalog.

Click the red dots to see the product . ACO leads the way in high-quality commercial and industrial drain , engineering and designed to last. ACO Drain is the market leading modular grated trench drain system and is ideal for a great number of commercial and industrial applications varying from simple streetscapes to expansive airport tarmacs. Art is the visual expression of design.

Optional LED water activated lighting adds an additional dimension, taking . The system is supplied in straight and radius channels with matching in-line catch basins to provide a continuous run around the entire running track. ACO Drain systems consist of factory manufactured channel units made from either corrosion -resistant polymer concrete or fiberglass, together with edge frames and grates produced .

ACO Self is a range of building products specifically designed for the residential landscaper and do-it-yourself enthusiast. They are typically designed for efficient removal and conveyance of surface water or liquid. In some cases they are also used for attenuation or containment of same.

ACO addresses the increasing importance placed on hygiene by applying hygienic design principles on its drainage design. ACO designs and manufactures innovative products used to manage water in a sustainable manner in both commercial and domestic environments. Modular concept allows specification of standard channel units suit a variety of layouts.

Vee-bottomed (V) profile for enhanced flow efficiency at low flow rates and for improved self cleaning . Correct channel type and size. Minimum grade 0psi compressive strength cement concrete surround. Concrete surround dimensions are minimum dimensions and engineering advice should be taken to.

One of our best selling products is our ACO Drain. The channels are constructed from a polymer concrete and can be fitted with solid or open aperture grating. The trench grating drainage channels are prefabricated in one meter 0. Our floor drain covers can be . Aquaduct is a division of the the ACO Company that specializes in custom drainage solutions and offers products fmade from FRP, stainless steel and other materials.

Slotted grating of stainless steel. Water sealant height: mm. ACO Environment offer products that help businesses and people comply with environmental policies and pollution controls, as well as provide a healthy and sustainable environment for living creatures.

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